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Kraken Bewertungen

Kraken has had many technical issues and downtimes in the past. In the last months this has improved and trading was pretty stable. The UI looks outdated but it works. All trading features, including margin trading are available.

My experience with the Kraken support is pretty positive. I had an issue with a bank transfer (wrong reference) and the support was very helpful and solved the issue within 3 days.

Kraken was the first exchange I signed up to, but I never actually got to buy anything because it's very badly designed.
It also has had some big performance issues within peak times, e.g. around the time of the Bitcoin all-time-high last December. The situation has improved now, but this might just be down to decreased trading volume...

Despite their struggles in peak times and the confusing interface, Kraken still is my favorite bitcoin exchange offering the best liquidity in the BTC/EUR market. However, I completely understand that for newcomers there are way better portals.

Für Deutsche die beste Option. Durch das Zusammenarbeiten mit der Fidor Bank wird Fiat Money in Minuten transferiert. Die Oberfläche von Kraken ist allerdings gewöhnungsbedürftig und nicht auf deutsch. Für mich und meine Freunde trotzdem die beste Option.