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Someone is going to come along and knock them out of the box, so to speak, in my opinion, for a few reasons. First and foremost they have little to no response to customer service and all of a sudden my bank transfer purchases were not an option so I had to add my debit. Well for debit they charge me 3.99% NOT 1.99%. 2% makes a difference in this market and when I tried contacting them-- nothing. Even though my bank account is totally legit, the site won't verify it again, leaving me in 3.99% hell. As I said, just waiting for Robinhood or another option because when it comes along I and everyone else will be gone. Also, after reading the Bitcoin Cash debacle and Litecoin theories about insider trading makes me more unhappy. And, to top that off, explain why they get 3.99% AND charge more than the going rate when you go to purchase bitcoin. The buffer is ridiculous and amount unjustified.

GDAX has a nice trading UI and you get familiar to it pretty fast, even if you didn't have traded before. The most important trading features are there: market order, limit orders and stop orders. There is no margin trading, though (You shouldn't do margin trading as a beginner anyway).

If you are already verified on CoinBase, no additional verification is required. Plus, you can transfer your fiat assets between CoinBase and GDAX instant and without any fees.

Für deutsche nicht brauchbar oder auf eigene Gefahr, auf Grund der AGBs. Coinbase behält sich vor deutsche Konten ohne Grund zu schließen.

Zitat auf deutsch:
"Die Webseite und Dienstleistungen von Coinbase werden nicht für Personen angeboten, die ihren Wohnsitz oder ihren registrierten Arbeitsplatz in Deutschland haben. Die Dienste von Coinbase werden von Coinbase UK, Ltd. angeboten, einer im Vereinigten Königreich ansässigen Firma. Coinbase UK, Ltd ist kein regulierter Finanzdienstleister und operiert nicht außerhalb des Vereinigten Königreichs."