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Bitpanda Bewertungen

I have been using Bitpanda for over a year now. Even though their fees are a bit high, Bitpanda is a very good marketplace, does its job reliably and is fairly easy to use.

While their fees are on the high side (for example expect to pay 3.5% more than Bitstamp), I must say their customer service is excellent.
Money sent by bank transfer / SEPA payment arrives in 1 day.

My main gripe is that since they are not an exchange, but a retailer of the 6 or so main coins, you cannot place stop or limit orders like with Gemini or Binnance. This is highly inconvenient.

However, on the whole, I am happy with their security, service, and professionalism. They are based in Austria.
Please keep up the good work, and please try and add more detailed charts on your buy page, and buy + sell order features.

Für Hodler eine sehr gute Alternative!